Our Mission: Events that connect and engage people! With a network of fresh international artists, all bringing uniqueness to the creative table, we build concepts for you to enjoy. Creative concepts which deliver lasting engagements!

Musicians, Live artists and DJ’s, creating artistic vibes that move you

We are national and international artists, who combine live and digital outputs to create a vibe which stimulates connection and long term engagements

A podium to display art as a communication tool without limitations

Creative artwork, designs and live worksessions designed to engage to connect. LoveNow is a registered trademark of TOSHY® and is designed to create real connections in life!

Our Kitchen Creative Lords creating sensa-tions to fuel your senses

We cater to your senses, taking international cuisine, enlightening new inspiration and tastes! A global fusion cuisine with healthy mind blowing freshness



In partnership with TOSHY® we bring you a new and exciting concept “LoveNow”! Love Now is about connecting people, creating lasting memories and positive engagements. Something we feel is lost in the consummate world we live in!

Want to be part of our drive to connect? Contact us for sponsorship options and how we can help you drive new valuable connections in life and business

Beach events

Over the past 20 years we have gained extensive experience in organsing beach events. Now we are bringing our concepts to the Maresme region, offering some lovely open air events on great outdoor locations.


IBeacha concept started back in 2007 as a local beach event on the beaches in Scheveningen The Netherlands. Returning each summer as a Sunday family event, top DJ’s and live musicians playing the best summer house sounds at one of the Lipton Ice Beach Club. This sponsored event was brought to you by Unilever!


Summervibes concept was a follow up on the successful IBeacha events and moved the soulful house sounds from outdoor beach event location to local clubs. Bringing the Hed Kandi and Defected sounds to local clubs across the Benelux. With a weekly residency in Antwerp (Belgium) we rocked the floor with 12 hour sessions from dinner up to sunrise.


Now we are moving our events to the Maresme region, working with great locations and creating new artistic impressions linked to the location, the vibes and new sounds. Future sounds is about the groove. Sounds that move you. Refresh, and trigger to engage.

Let’s Bake Something New!

We are continuously seeking new locations to organise our events and seeking new partners to work with. In addition we can tailor concepts to suit location and your needs. Interested in working together and baking something new, book time with us!